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Maintenance Management

• Assess and survey existing portfolios

• Review maintenance levels

• Review maintenance costs against current market prices

• Review tenders and issue recommendations

• Prepare tailor made framework maintenance agreements

• Compile and maintain a data base to monitor maintenance portfolio

• Carry out H&S and maintenance audits

• Carry out accident investigation and compile reports

• Monitor breakdowns

• Organise and monitor statutory inspections

For Elevator & Escalator Owners/Managers who are burdened with equipment functionality, maintenance, and compliance; SEEC offers fair and impartial expert advice through a range of professional management services. By partnering with SEEC you gain peace of mind, lower operational costs and more time to conduct your business.

What are the benefits to our clients?

  • Free up valuable resources

  • Improved operational availability of equipment

  • Increased equipment life cycle & expectancy

  • Improved Health & Safety condition/compliance

  • Cost transparency

  • Accurate Budget Planning (5 year – 10 years – 20 years)

  • Overall expenditure reduction

  • Single Point of Contact 

  • Single Point of DATA collection

  • Expert Knowledge on VT Industry Standards & Practices

  • Expert Knowledge on VT Regulations & Codes

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