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Image by Scott Graham


Your lift or escalator reflects a large cash investment in your completed building. It continues to demand ongoing expenses in the form of maintenance contracts and the add-ons to a contract such as replacement parts or the legally required Report of Thorough Examination. You employ maintenance providers on your behalf to maintain the units so as to reduce the down time of the unit and allow ease of access through your buildings for employees or visitors to your site.


An audit report is a check on your equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good running order. If not, we can report on the reasons why and provide solutions.  The audit report will give you, the owner of the equipment, a more realistic understanding of the condition of your equipment your equipment and allow you to plan for the future by putting budgets in place for the modernisation or replacement of the complete unit. Constructive input by a partner working on your behalf can increase the life span of your equipment and reduce any risks that you might be exposed to.

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