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Daphne Sark y Aden Devon

With our team offices in Europe, we can service the entire European Continent

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We are the only VT Consultancy Firm with Engineers based in the Sweden, Ireland, UK, Spain & Netherlands in Europe with sufficient resources to facilitate the requirements or demands of customers on short notice for any project.

 We have expert knowledge of the European Harmonised Legislation relating to Vertical Transportation Equipment inclusive of Building Regulations, Health & Safety Regulation, etc.

We have specialist knowledge relating to the certification of Vertical Transportation and the relevant legal documentation that should be supplied with any type of unit. This to indemnify owners against shortfalls relating to the Health & Safety Legislation.

We advise Government Bodies and give an opinion on proposed changes in legislation, regulations and standards and therefore are fully informed on current requirements but can also advise on possible future requirements, if or when the legislation, regulations and/or standards are proposed to be amended.

With our unique expertise and experience, we are confident that we can assist any design or project team for developments with Vertical Transportation Systems from conception to completion.

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