About Us

Formed in 2011 by Mr Max Guijt, having identified a clear need in the Market for an Irish company that understands and can rationalise contracts and price levels in the Irish & European Lift Market. S.E.E.C. has grown in its short existence from a one man operation to a thriving, established consultancy firm. Achieving operational excellence and cost effectiveness for our clients is our goal. We aim to work with each client in order to provide practical and cost effective solutions in the management of their contracts.

  • Design
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Traffic Calculations
  • Specifications
  • Market Research
  • Tender Process
  • Project Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Accident Investigation and Expert Witness
  • Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Audits
  • Contract Review
  • Survey and Reporting
  • Upgrades and Modernisation

The mission of Shanderry Elevator & Escalator Consultants is to deliver the highest standard of professional services to the Irish & European Lift Market, on the basis of quality standards and Customer satisfaction.

Shanderry Elevator & Escalator Consultants is totally committed to the principles and practice of excellence and will conform to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard as follows by:

  • Achieving operational excellence and cost effectiveness for our customers;
  • We aim to work with each customer in order to provide practical and cost effective solutions in the management of their contracts;
  • Ensuring that the company fully meets the requirements of its customers and by endeavouring to enhance the overall service to its customers;
  • Ensuring that the company’s entire workforce is given sufficient training and development support to provide for fully competent staff;
  • Ensuring that the very best products and technical advice is made available to our customers and that their requirements are met;
  • Through its management and staff being committed to the policy of continuous improvement of the Organisation and its Customer Services.
  • Through a commitment to being an efficient and profitable organisation by following good work practices in all areas of its operation.
  • By planning and establishing measurable objectives based on its Quality Policy for the ongoing development of the company and its customers. These objectives are regularly reviewed and measured by management.

    Services that we Provide

    Consulting Engineers for all of your Vertical Movement Requirements

    • Liaise and advise Architects at Design Stage

    • Prepare Specifications tailored to specific client needs

    • Manage Tender Process for proposed projects

    • Tender review and recommendadtions

    • Conduct and attend site meetings

    • Project Management for vertical movement

    • Carry out snagging on site

    • Sign off work upon completion

    • Conduct Traffic Analysis

    At S.E.E.C we work from conception to completion on your project

    • Survey existing equipment and its environment

    • Carry out a detailed cost analysis

    • Advise on life cycle of equipment

    • Propose recommendations to meet client's needs and budgets

    • Advise Client on budgets for maintenance and capital improvements

    • From survey to completion we make it happen.

    • Old lifts and escalators ? we ensure that these get a second life

    • We ensure that all equipment meet the Health & Safety requirements

    • Assess and survey existing portfolios

    • Review maintenance levels

    • Review maintenance costs against current market prices

    • Review tenders and issue recommendations

    • Prepare tailor made framework maintenance agreements

    • Compile and maintain a data base to monitor maintenance portfolio

    • Carry out H&S and maintenance audits

    • Carry out accident investigation and compile reports

    • Monitor breakdowns

    • Organise and monitor statutory inspections

    In Ireland we have a large number of lifts and escalators that were fitted many years ago. A lot of these do not meet current safety requirements and you, as the owner of the equipment, can be exposed to excessive claims should there be an accident or incident on your unit. Some of the newer units might not comply also for a number of reasons and the defense of ‘’I did not know’’ will not get you very far.

    We at SEEC can do a full risk assessment on your equipment based on current standards in the lift industry and your legal obligation to comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act.

    The result of this risk assessment will identify all risks and recommendations will be made to address the necessary items.

    Your lift or escalator reflects a large cash investment in your completed building. It continues to demand ongoing expense’s in the form of maintenance contracts and the add-ons to a contract such as replacement parts or the legally required Report of Thorough Examination. You employ maintenance providers on your behalf to maintain the units so as to reduce the down time of the unit and allow ease of access through your buildings for employees or visitors to your site.

    An audit report is a check on your equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good running order. If it’s not we can report on the reasons why it’s not and give solutions. The audit report will give you, the owner of the equipment a real picture of the condition of your equipment and allow you plan for the future by putting budgets in place for the modernisation or replacement of the complete unit. Good input by a partner working on your behalf can increase the life span of your equipment and reduce any risks that you might be exposed to.

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